Everyday Rainbow

The secret histories of small objects.

Everyday Rainbow is a collection of 8 small objects, each based on one colour of the rainbow. Each object is used almost everyday by its owner, either directly or contributing to decoration. This collection is meant to depict the small ‘rainbows’ of daily life, and the tiny pockets of colour even in our most mundane items.

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Healing and repairing

Pawpaw ointment is a daily staple, used as a lip balm, or a moisturising gel for small injuries. The packaging of the balm is a vibrant red, with a bright and graphic pawpaw on the front.


Passion and hobbies

A charmander Nanoblock figure sits on a shelf of my desk, surrounded by Nintendo games and other paraphernalia. Mainly orange in colour, with a slightly transparent flame on its tail. Adds a cute ‘pixel’ aesthetic to a game related shelf.


Health and wellbeing

Vitamin C and manuka honey pills, taken daily. Chewable lozenges eaten after dinner in an attempt to boost the immune system, and provide extra nutrients. Uses bright yellow in its packaging, while remaining fairly basic.


Plants and greenery

Mini terrarium, containing a succulent, a spider plant, and a jellybean plant. Requires a spray of water once a week, and adds some colour to the room. Green in colour, with grey stones and gold accents on its casing.


Art and design

Handmade floetrol wall decor. Made for a larger art project, this decor is mainly bright blue and pink in colour, and set over a wooden canvas. It hangs in the living room, next to two other handmade art pieces.


Functionality and writing

My pencil case, with purple trimmings and designs. Contains useful stationery, such as gel pens, mechanical pencils and a ruler. Generally brought to uni, along with a workbook for either writing or drawing.


Music and harmony

Piano sheets, with handwritten notes and highlighted sharps. Used when practising the piano, to further perfect this song. Features violet ink and highlighter, over black printed music notes.


An ending

My cat, Oscar. Gray in colour, acting as an unofficial colour of the rainbow to symbolise an ending. His fur is different shades of gray, with green-yellow eyes. An everyday staple to my life, as a grumpy companion.